March 2009
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More photos and captions by John Lacey of the trams on display at the Open Day on Sunday February 22, 2009, at the Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus

Members of the family of the carpenter who looked after the tram for 60 years, holding the ribbon at the unveiling ceremony

The J 675 is a Sydney Tram Car built in 1904 and retired in 1934. It was built to operate on the steeply graded and curved Watson's Bay line. The tram has been restored and was officially unveiled at the Open Day.

It had been withdrawn in 1934 and sold to a carpenter who lived in Punchbowl, NSW. The local Council did not like the idea of a tram being used as a shed so he covered it using fibro. This protected the body of the tram.

He used the tram's body as his " shed/workshop" and 60 years later the body was acquired by the Sydney Tramway Museum; it was restored to operating condition by the Bendigo Tramway and on February 22 it was launched into operation at the Sydney Tramway Museum by members of the family and the chairman of the Museum along with members of the Bendigo Tramway.

It is certainly a beautiful work of restoration. The wood work is especially fine.

This tram is 104 years old and has not run for for 75 years!


The wood work is especially fine. Note the posters above the doors.

Detail of stylish poster for Romano's.


The old Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets signal box has been restored and put out to grass at the Sydney Tramway Museum.



In front is # 393 built in 1902, behind is # 29 of 1898 and then # 290 of 1896. All are on display at the Sydney Tramway Museum.


BLUE 2001


The tram is R1 class 2001 a corridor tram built in 1951 and it is painted in a blue livery used to attract recruits to the Royal Australian Air Force in the 1950's



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