The DH Lawrence Society of Australia was in the vanguard of modern publishing and IT when, last March, we announced that future issues of Rananim would be online only.

Now, The Christian Science Monitor, a great and venerable US newspaper has followed suit and will no longer publish a hard copy edition: it will be available, like Rananim, solely online.

Publishing only online has at least two big advantages: it costs only a tiny amount because of the savings on paper, printing and distribution. And it means we can publish more often. When an event of interest to the Society takan event takes place we can put up a story and photos about it quickly.

This issue contains the story and pictures of our Jacaranda Cruise on the steam yacht Lady Hopetoun (Page 1) with more photos on following pages), and an interesting article by one of our UK correspondents, Joanthan Long, on the artist Mark Gertler who was a close friend of Lawrence (see page 1).

We will try and alert you by email to future virtual editions of Rananim but we also suggest you call up www.cybersydney.com.au/dhl from time-to-time to check out our latest editions.


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