February 2011

Our Annual DHLA Spring Picnic

WHAT were those monks doing? Well, they were doing much the same as the DH Lawrence Society of Australia was doing on that balmy Spring morning on Saturday 20th November, 2010 - they were relaxing in spring sunshine at Jubilee Park, Glebe.

We watched them walking by as we sat under the shade of a tree by the water's edge of Rozelle Bay. Almost above us was the glorious span of the Anzac Bridge, and across the Bay, as our President, John Lacey, pointed out, were some historic vessels moored, including the 1902 steam tug, Waratah, the old Sydney ferry, Kanangra, and a 1927 Brisbane River pilot steamer, the John Oxley (see photo below).

Robin Archer and Evie Harrison brought delicious picnic food, as did our President John Lacey and Vice-President Rob Darroch. Greg Baran brought his dog, Bella, who enjoyed her day out. But, sadly, it was one of her last excursions, because she died of leukemia on Boxing Day, leaving Greg and his family devastated.

Kerie and Roger Hooke came a little later and added their contribution to the feast. Alex and Peter Lansdown sent their aplogieis - they were in the middle of selling their house.

The conversation drifted leisurely around topics such as the history of Glebe and we had a laugh about the decision by the Union, University & Schools Club to ban philosophy speakers giving talks to the Club if they refused to wear a tie. (I arranged these talks, which are now being transferred to the Blackheth Philosophy Forum.)

Other matters discussed were the annual Harbour cruise on the steam yacht, Lady Hopetoun, planned for later in 2011, and the 12th International DH Lawrence Conference to be held in Sydney late June-early July (see more details page 5).

Meanwhile, the water swirled peacefully by. A perfect DH Lawrence Society Spring picnic.

- Sandra Jobson

Photos: John Lacey

We sat by the water's edge at Rozelle Bay


The Buddhist monks

Leisurely conversation in the shade

Greg Baran with Bella

Historic vessels (see details in main stor)

Two Sydney bridges viewed from Jubilee Park: the Anzac Bridge (foreground)
and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance